Lable design for VIS-A-VIS

Lable for VIS-A-VIS strings

InRussia there are several "major" holidays and one of them -the new year. I choose the form of a Christmas tree ball and the formof a Christmas tree to pack ladies slips and strings. I made a labelin the form of snowflakes. Nowit's not just packaging, but a small intimate gift.

As the foundation for the hinged label for women's underpants, I wantedto do something bright, feminine and the corresponding overall styleof the existing packaging cowards VIS-A-VIS. Thus was born thehinged label in the form of abutterfly. Black and green colors were taken from the box cowardsVIS-A-VIS to ensure compliance with corporate identity.
Designerbooks 2010
it is 2 spreads with my projects from the book of Chinese publishing house  Artpower, called Pack Your Life

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