LED Bulbs ERA 2016

New packaging for all categories of LED bulbs ERA.

Packing for ERA LED bulbs is made of ordinary laminated cardboard with a tracery windows. On the front side the lamp and the base are clearly visible through the window. Windows with 3 other parties allow the lamp to light from all possible sides. The maximum effect is achieved when the client sees it in his hands.
Structurally, the inner support element is simultaneously the carrier of the ID of the lamp power.
 To the right and left of the bulb base  the colour IDs  are symbolizes the colour temperature: the yellow symbolizes the colour temperature of 2700 K, blue - 4200 K.
The cases of all sizes, these elements are the same height and the same distance from the bottom that provides a common "colour belt" with display of goods on the shelves, with the same element of the adjacent box, they add up to a hexagon.
The main colour of the packaging divided by 3 price categories of lamps. Red is "Economy" series of light bulbs, the cheapest. White is Regular Series ERA lamps. Black is F-Led lamp ERA, the most expensive.
Now the bulbs in this package are sold in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.
Construction & Graphics: Vladimir Shmoylov
3D: Dmitriy Lubimov

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