Package and logo for ERA

Package and logo ERA

In 2008 I made full rebranding for ERA. I offered to write brand name in Russian. 
Sourcesof light - the basic idea of the new logo. Theinitial letter of the name of the company, is portrayed as a sourceof light.
In the same year was designed packaging for lanterns. Stylistically packaging lanterns ERA solved in the clean way. Depending on theseries of lights changing color "lights": orange -professional floodlight, green - travel lights, sky blue - universallights, dark blue - car lights, violet - key chains, yellow - babylights.
In 2009 to product lines was aded extenders. 
In 2010 - bells, LED lamps, fluorescent lamps and batteries.

In december of 2010 National Design Competitions "Russian Victoria" has awarded two diplomama for packaging of LED lamps ERA. Diplomas were awarded in two categories: graphic design and packaging design.

Pleased that the professional community to assess my work, but most important to me that the package perfectly demonstrates the goods
Designerbooks 2010
Send Points 2010

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