Photoshoot for "Culinary Magic - 2" book

Highlights of photoshoot for Culinary Magic - 2 book (corporate gift to all employees and partners S3 Company on the new 2016 year).

 Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are
Highlights of photoshoot for "Culinary Magic - 2" book (corporate gift to all employees and partners S3 on the new 2016 year).
Concept: "culinary folklore" - favorite recipes of ordinary people - employees S3.
The book is laid out “by the authors” in alphabetical order.
A kind of acquaintance with people through cooking.
•Photo of a man in an apron
•Name, surname, city
•A personal story about food, learned how to cook and what he/she prefers (the text is not editable)
•Recipe (edited)
•Photo of results
All recipes are tested by the project  team and, if necessary, brought to perfection.
Culinary Magic first book:
Project team:
Idea, food style - Vladimir Shmoylov
Culinary art - Petrova Viktoria, Skvortsova Anna,  Konovalova Irina
Copywriting - Olga Karaulova
Photo - Kurbatov Ivan

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