White Nights rebranding

Rebranding the trademark White Nights. Graphical solution, packaging for light bulbs.

White Nights
I've put together a symbol of St. Petersburg as a city of white nights - raising the bridge and the reflection in the Neva River as a base of bulb and glow around the bridge in a single composition. Together all the elements form a silhouette of the lamp. 
Package includes several types: blister and carton. 
Graphical solution - ornament symbolizing the sun, in a transparent box is behind a lamp. Color solution - differentiates the lamp color temperature: yellow symbolizes the warm soft light 2700 K, light blue - cold office light 4200 K.
Packaging made of transparent PVC the unique technology of printing two-sided image in one run - on a transparent material is placed first black, then yellow paint, then 2 coats of white paint base and forming an image on the other side - the yellow and black. This product is currently in process and soon will be in stores in Russia.

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